What You Need To Know About Isagenix

Isagenix is associated with a “real” business which has been in existence for the last decade and has various operations in a number of countries across the globe. In addition, this company has an impressive turnover that exceeds $200 million dollars daily.

Isagenix is run by John Anderson, Kathy Coover and Jim Coover. Both Kathy and Jim bring extensive management experience to this company. John Anderson is known as the “mineral man” due to the fact that he is one of the leaders in supplement formulators worldwide. He has been involved in formulating numerous products for an extensive range of businesses.

The Products

Isagenix is proud to be one of those businesses that believe in the no-compromise approach when it comes to their products. They make use of only the best quality ingredients that have been sourced from across the globe. One of these examples is known as the IsaLean Shake which is one of the “pillars of health” makes use of a type of Whey protein derived from only grass-fed cows that come from a clean and pristine environments based in New Zealand. The Whey protein not only meets but often exceeds the USDA Organic Standards.

All the Isagenix products are 100% natural and are free from colors, preservatives and fillers. The products are all based on advanced formulation methods to make sure each product is undenatured as well as still “alive” activated by digestive enzymes.

These natural and raw ingredients are combined based on the formulation experience and knowledge from John Anderson master formulator that has resulted in the creation on effective, natural and safe products.

About The Cleansing Systems

To date there are now over 50 different products in their range. However, one of their flagships products that have caused Isagenix to gain such popularity still includes the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Systems.

Nutritional cleansing is a theory associated with ancient concepts related to cleansing. This is to do with supporting the body in the natural detoxification process which assists the body in getting rid of impurities and harmful toxins. Even though the process of cleansing is proven to effective in the management of overall health, the process was missing one important element. Even though toxins were being removed, the process excluded a system on how to put “good stuff” back in.

This is whereby nutritional cleansing has taken a giant leap in the right direction. This is due to assisting the body in removing the harmful impurities and toxins while at the same time offering the body with the required nutrients in order to return the body to a natural balance and restore health. The Isagenix nutritional cleansing is based on helping individuals to lose weight, increase energy levels and to improve wellness and vitality.

The 9 And The 30 Day Programs

The 9 day program on the Isagenix products is a short-term plan that offers quick results which are a more intense version compared to the gentler and long-term 30 day program. The 9 and the 30 day program both offer fantastic results. However, many agree that the 30 day plan is the better option because it is more gentle and easier-to-follow. In addition, the 30 day program allows for the necessary time for the body to revert back to the natural state of balance and offer lasting changes that can be implemented into a person’s daily-lifestyle habits.


Isagenix products offer effective, safe and high quality cleansing and fat burning programs. When looking at the testimonials and facts along with Isagenix genuine reviews, it is very clear that this is a brand of products that offer lasting results.