Information On Zija’s Price List

Zija is a great brand with a plethora of products for you to choose from.

It continues to add to its reputation by vetting all products and making sure the finest ingredients are used.

For those who are interested in going out and taking a look at what Zija has to offer, it’s time, to begin with the price list as that’s going to determine how much has to be spent. With a range of prices and a competitive catalog, you will find the right fit for your daily needs, and that’s what matters.

Go with the best, so you see world-class results.

Core Moringa Supplements

1) Daily Tea ($46)
2) Plant Protein ($119)
3) Premium Tea ($46)
4) XM3 ($70)

These are some of the examples of Core Moringa supplements and how much they cost for those who are interested in taking advantage of this powerful herb and what it has to offer. There are many weight management benefits of heading down this route and using Moringa for your daily needs.

Many people feel this is a must for their requirements and it often involves their health. If that’s a goal for you, Zija will suffice and is going to be potent.

Fitness Supplements

Thinking about heading to the gym and getting in a workout? Perhaps, you’ve found a world-class workout routine that’s going to make it easier to gain muscle and lose weight?

Well, before you start, it might be time to take a look at Zija’s fitness supplements and how much they cost.

1) Ripstix Fuel ($70)
2) Ripstix Hydrate ($70)
3) Ripstix Recover (70)
4) Ripstix Ignite ($119)

These are great fitness supplements that will help you perform at a higher level and gain more value for each set you do in the gym.

These are easy to use, taste great, and are going to be affordable compared to some of the other options you can go with.

Essential Oils

1) AGX Breathe ($44)
2) AGX Digest ($74)
3) AGX Cleanse ($44)
4) AGX Energy ($44)
5) AGX Men ($74)
6) AGX Focus ($44)
7) AGX Skin ($44)
8) AGX Metabolism ($44)
9) AGX Women ($74)
10) Aloe & Coconut ($31)

Essential oils are a must when it comes to your health and beauty. If these aren’t used, you will always lag behind because they have potent benefits that last for a long time. You have to take advantage of them at these competitive prices.

Personal Care

What about your beauty and appearance? You want to reinvigorate your skin, and that’s only going to happen when you have the best personal care products on offer for use.

1) GenM Anti-Aging Night Repair ($70)
2) GenM Body Oil ($67)
3) GenM Creamy Face Cleanser ($46)
4) GenM Daily Moisturizer ($46)
5) GenM Fresh Citrus Conditioner ($30)
6) GenM Eye Serum ($46)
7) GenM Fresh Citrus Shampoo ($26)
8) GenM Lip Balm ($25)

Zija’s GenM personal care products are some of the best in the world and have natural ingredients that are going to make your skin glow for a long time to come.

This is the price list for Zija’s products and you’ll notice these are competitive prices that are going to ensure you’re able to maximize results and get more value than ever seen before. Take advantage of what Zija has to provide whether you’re in search of fitness supplements or personal care products.

You won’t find a better deal on the open market, and Zija’s reputation says it all about how good their products are.

This is the best deal for those who want to improve their lives.