The Benefits of Zija´s Smart Mix

Thanks to modern day cuisines and our on the go diets, it is becoming increasingly difficult to consume all of the nutrients that our bodies need in order to be healthy, happy, strong and to really thrive. Our bodies are full of toxins and unfortunately, due to the large amounts of processed food and beverages that are so easily accessible; our process of digestion has been adversely affected.

Not only does our health depend on the nutrition that we give our body, but also on the amount of nutrition that is received by our gut flora. This flora is made up of a variety of microbes, each and every one of these microbes has its own unique environment, this will vary depending on what it is exposed to. Our flora is a key and critical part of our body being able to properly and efficiently digest foods, increase the absorption of nutrients, strengthening our immune systems, increasing our levels of energy and maintaining a proper and healthy weight.

A very important tool that can help to regulate the body’s flora is prebiotics. Studies have shown that the levels of certain microbes are increased when a diet is supplemented with prebiotics; this in turn helps to regulate the metabolism and allows the various organs to communicate better amongst each other. The end result of this process is an overall enhanced and healthier body and all its functions.

This is exactly what Zija’s Smart Mix helps to do, it channels the dramatic nutritional properties of Moringa and turns it into beverages that are not only nourishing, but also refreshing and help you to maintain the active, healthy and balanced lifestyle that nature intended you to. Throughout the world Moringa is recognized as an amazing source of nutrition. For example by the National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Health, the National Geographic Society and the United Nations World Food Program.

With the easy-to-open, convenient packet it is presented in, you are able to instantly mix up Zija’s Smart Mix anywhere and at any time. All you have to do is add the contents of the Zija Smart Mix packet into eight or twelve ounces of cold water mix and immediately enjoy the benefits of a dose of Moringa´s nutrition and prebiotic properties.

Recommended Use

For the most potential and effective use, Zija’s Smart Mix should be consumed on an empty stomach, in other words first thing in the morning. If not possible than wait at least two hours after a meal and fifteen minutes prior to any meal or beverage, with the exception of water. The way that Zija’s Smart Mix was designed was for the body to be able to fully absorb it when it is taken on an empty stomach, its bioavailability is reduced if any foods or beverages are consumed prior to it or at the same time.

It is also very important to make sure that you consume plenty of water every day, keep in mind that on average, most people are to some extent potentially dehydrated and this is not healthy for the flora. It is recommended that the minimum dose of Zija’s Smart Mix is of one packet a day. If the person however is large with a weight exceeding 250 pounds it may be best if an additional can or two are also consumed in the afternoon.

Now you may be wondering exactly what benefits will come from consuming Zija’s Smart Mix, well here are the main ones:
• It is a product that is 100% natural
• It heightens mental clarity
• It naturally boosts energy
• It provides anti-inflammatory support
• It promotes healthy circulation
• It provides natural anti-aging
• It nourishes the body’s immune system
• It “encourages” the body’s metabolism
• It promotes healthy digestion
• It is delicious and convenient

From farm to mouth, the steps the Zija takes are done so carefully to guarantee that the beneficial properties of Moringa are maximized. The processes used to grow; harvest and dry are organic and safeguard all of the essential nutrients. Several different components of the Moringa tree are incorporated by the proprietary blend offered by Zija; this includes the fruit, seeds and leaves.

The manufacturing facilities are state-of-the-art and the processes implemented adhere to all of the highest quality standards. The end result is the highest quality line of Moringa-based products available on the market and provided in a delicious and convenient manner all for the benefit of your health.