Isagenix Side Effects

Isagenix Side Effects

Isagenix is a popular weight loss program designed to help people lose weight drastically. It is designed to offer proper nutrition and while many people have attested to its success, there are health risks associated. If you plan to use Isagenix or have just started, it is important to know the Isagenix side effects you are likely to experience.

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1. Headaches

The most common side effect reported by Isagenix users is headaches. Headaches associated with Isagenix can range from a slight pain to a full blown migraine. Headaches are attributed to the body adjusting to the program and usually cease once the body adjusts.

Increasing your water intake is one solution for this side effect. However, you should only drink purified water whenever possible since other types of water are usually full of toxins. You can also choose to drink herbal or green teas.

If you do get headaches after using Isagenix, you should avoid taking any form of pharmaceutical pain medication. Considering that you are using the product to rid the body of chemical toxins, it does not make any sense to take pain medication.

2. Nervousness & Shaking

Isagenix users have also reported experiencing a feeling of nervousness and shaking. Experts attribute this side effect to not consuming sufficient amounts of food while using Isagenix. People that use shakes and snacks while using Isagenix products experience less nervousness and shaking.

Experts recommend eating a good snack after using Isagenix and the feeling of nervousness and shaking will disappear. If you try Isagenix and experience such symptoms it is advisable that you try increasing your intake of calories.

3. Tiredness

Isagenix products contain mostly herbal ingredients such as Suma root, peppermint, and berry extracts as well as B vitamins, but it is still possible to experience a bit of lethargy when you are using Isagenix products.

Tiredness is a common side effect of Isagenix use because like most weight loss products it involves a reduction in the calorie intake. The less the calories/energy that you consume, the less the energy you will have to expend.

4. Constipation

Constipation is one of the Isagenix side effects due to the amount of calcium present in some Isagenix products. Calcium is the mineral responsible for strengthening bones and teeth in the human body.

The stools become harder and harder to pass out of the bowel after using Isagenix. To get relief from this side effect, Isagenix users should consider adding salads in their dietary shakes to help in moving the stools.

5. Dizziness

Dizziness is usually experienced in the latter part of the cleansing since the body requires food to survive. In some instances, the dizziness is experienced earlier since the body is trying to adjust to the calorie reduction. Luckily, the dizziness quickly disappears but it can be advisable to avoid quick movements such as standing suddenly before the body adjusts to Isagenix.

6. Vomiting

Only a handful of Isagenix users have reported experiencing vomiting as a side effect. This is closely related to not getting sufficient nutrition while using Isagenix. If Isagenix is used in conjunction with other shakes, the risk of vomiting reduces greatly.

Final Thoughts

Putting greater amounts of nutrition into your body and getting rid of toxins can be a big change for your body. It is highly likely that the higher the toxic load in your body the more the side effects you will experience.

It is not everyone that uses Isagenix experiences the 7 Isagenix side effects discussed here. However, if you experience them, you can rest assured that they will only last for a few days. If you have the courage to persevere until the end, you will be grateful that you did.